Jan. 8 – Do everything with purpose.

“Nothing should be done without a purpose.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

One of the easiest ways to bring focus to your life is by taking the time every morning to assign a purpose to each of your actions for the coming day.

It’s really pretty shocking that so many of the choice that we make in our lives are driven by chance. How much better would your life be if you could reverse that trend?

If each action you take contributed to a specific end goal, would that not be more beneficial than just surviving each moment or just working that 9-5 shift?

Well, one way you can assert control over your life is by connecting the decisions you make each day to a goal.

Could you be spending time learning a new professional skill each night instead of watching TV?

Could you spend your morning commute learning a new language instead of listening to the radio?

Could you spend your Friday night volunteering or helping others instead of going to the bar with your coworkers?

The point is, all of our actions in life are based on choices. Often we simply follow the most convenient path in front of us, but the truth is that this is rarely the best path for us.

If you learn to challenge yourself, you can start to make more impactful decisions regarding how you spend your time.

So, what actions are you taking today to achieve your goals?

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