Jan. 10 – We all have limits.

“Hippocrates, after curing many diseases, himself fell sick and died.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

It’s important to remember that we all have limits. At some point we’re going to hit that point and that’s okay. The challenge is approaching that limit with both wisdom and grace.

Time seems to be the most pressing limit we face in this life. When we’re young we can’t wait for the future to arrive so we can change the world. When we’re older we would do anything to slow down, but we’re caught in a current that never ceases, and the best we can hope to achieve is to swim well and bravely while we still can.

We all have an expiration date. As we age, we can become more keenly aware of it. That doesn’t mean we give up. Time is an amazing gift, and it allows us to put everything into perspective. If we have to say goodbye tomorrow, then how do you feel about the day you just lived?

Did you share love or spread gossip?

Did you help a stranger or buy yourself a latte?

Did you make the world a better a place today? Did you even try?

Perspective can keep us both honest and focused on something other than ourselves. Accept that gift and use it to change the world—build bridges, tear down walls, heal the sick, feed the hungry, fix the broken—the point is you could have made a difference today. So, what are you going to do differently tomorrow?

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