Jan. 13 – Which do you desire position or freedom?

“Do not desire to be a general, or a senator, or a consul, but to be free; and the only way to this is a disregard of things which lie not within our own power.” – Epictetus, Enchiridion

A major liability of position is its reliance on others for power. In order to achieve higher positions of authority we end up sacrificing our personal power to the opinions and whims of others. Would it not be better to be free than to become both entwined and enslaved to the will of others?

I think we sometimes have dreams of position as something to be envied and desired. In reality these positions are rarely what they seem. We may have gained some power but we also lose our freedom to the thousand influences upon which we will rely to remain in our position.

So, be wary of sacrificing your freedom or power. It’s alway more difficult to regain than it is to surrender.

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