Jan. 14 – An offer to help can be just easily withdrawn.

“The boon that could be given can be withdrawn.” – Seneca

Don’t forget that an offer to help can be just as easily taken away. This means we must learn to be self-sufficient and not rely on others for success. Help in any form whether it be advice, labor or a physical gift should be treated the same. Any gift can be a blessing. Just don’t come to rely on the goodwill of others or luck to pave your path for you.

Seneca’s quote is just another reminder of the timeless message that “All things change.” We must remember that at any moment our circumstances can be altered without notice. The best we can do is plan our decisions, as best we can with the information available, and prepare for those plans to at some point fail us. Accept that unfortunate truth and plan for those failures. Preparing the right backup plan can make all the difference when your world comes crashing down.

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