Jan. 17 – Perception makes the difference.

“It is not events that disturb people, it is their judgements concerning them.” – Epictetus

I find it important to remember that my perception of the world is more influential than the actual events I experience. What I am referencing here is that how I react to my day is entirely within my control. It’s only when I sacrifice that control that I suffer needlessly.

Stuff happens. No matter how you frame it, at any given moment there’s a chance everything will go wrong. That doesn’t mean I have to become angry, sad or stressed just because my alarm didn’t go off, I’m running late, there’s a traffic jam on the road today, and I just got a flat tire and will now miss work.

I can choose to simply accept that “sometimes stuff happens” and move on to the task at hand—changing the tire. I do not have to allow external events beyond my control create internal stress for me. All I really control is how I react to the world.

There’s no point in sacrificing that control and allowing external events to upset you. We can easily become stuck in toxic patterns of reaction. Instead, try crafting the days into something productive. Every time a disaster lands on your lap—work on fixing it rather than yelling at it. I like to say I never have a bad day. That’s because no matter how messed up my day’s been, I’m in control of how I react. I get to choose how I frame my day.

I choose to only have great days. There are definitely challenges more often than not in my life, but I control my own narrative. I choose to not allow “stuff” to disrupt my peace of mind. We only have this one lifetime—that’s only about 75-90 years to get our lives in order. So, why not try putting off waiting for better days to magically arrive and instead try to create them?

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