Our mind offers us an inner palace and fortress capable of remaining independent and free from the worldly events around us. Our mental palace can be a refuge in times of need—unapproachable unless you invite guests—worries—thoughts into its walls.

It can also be a university. Our mind can also be a place of learning if we choose to no longer let our idle thoughts simply glide across our minds only to be lost in that untamed wilderness.

Instead, take those thoughts and explore them in this hidden university. You can begin by deconstructing the world—the pain—the hardships—around you. When we understand the sources, causes and effects of such pain we can then begin to build a future with fewer obstacles in the way.

The Four Virtues of a Life Well-Lived

I know of four timeless virtues.

The Wisdom to know you’re often wrong in your beliefs and that others are better qualified to illuminate the truth.

The Courage to endure hardship in the name of progress rather than retreating to a life of comfort and leisure.

The surrender to Justice wherein we sacrifice our personal privilege for the security of the whole; we create law and surrender to order so that discord and tyranny do not consume us.

The Temperance to accept no extremes and always seek, and if not found, to create a middle path; we do not force ourselves on others but find a way for all of us to share the communal space and its burdens.